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Getting to the Core: Spotlight on High Hill Ranch

It still feels like summer, but the fall apple harvest isn’t too far away, and Apple Hill farms are getting ready for the season. High Hill Ranch is opening on Saturday, August 14, getting a…
delfino farm to fork

Farm to Fork Dinner Almost Sold Out

Savor the Flavors of Apple Hill at the Growers’ Farm to Fork Dinner Local food, wine, cider and more move from the farm to the table in a beautiful outdoor setting Camino, CA (July 19,…
ponderosa ridge

Find Romance in the Foothills

Rolling hills, rows of vineyards, perhaps a glimpse of spring buds on fruit trees. The Apple Hill area may be known for its bountiful fall harvest, but the region is in the midst of a…
Farmers market that is already open in May

Are you missing your favorite Apple Hill Ranches?

Welcome in 2021 with open arms and a longing in our hearts to visit your favorite Apple Hill Ranches.  Do not fret though as you still can get Apple Hill quality goods and treats from…
apple hill sign

Thank you for Visiting and Who’s Open Now!

Thank you for Visiting! We want to thank you for visiting our farms during this past harvest season. It was a crazy and uncertain year and we are grateful we were able to continue the…

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