What is there to do?

That depends on what your family enjoys — if you are a family with kids under 10 you can pick apples or berries, ride a pony, get a ladybug or a bat painted on your face and eat a caramel apple. If you are group of Millennials going wine tasting you can find lots of award-winning bottles to take home. And if you are looking to expand your cooking skills or capture a taste of the home-made treats you remember you can buy a piece of pie and then make one yourself with the freshest fruit around. Find out what your group wants to do and enjoy your day!

When is the best time for for my favorite apple?

Mother Nature is in charge of ripening dates. Sun, rain, wind and the weather in Spring play a big part of when varieties ripen in the Fall. Here is a guide to our most popular apples by ranch and their general ripening dates. You can email info@applehill.com if you don’t see the apple you are looking to find. And the farms are great at offering alternatives if your trip is bit early or late for the apple you wanted. Of course, many of our ranches offer much more than apples.

May I bring my dog?

Of course! We love dogs and they are welcome at nearly every farm as long as they are on a leash that is held by the owner. (That means no tying Fido to a picnic table or tree – they need to stay with their people)

Can I get lunch?

The lunch options are wide-ranging, from chicken to tri-tip, tacos to sandwiches, and burgers, both meat and veggie. And leave room for dessert! Click here for ranches serving lunch.

Where can I stay the night?

Camping to B&Bs, there is a spot for you to stay and play another day! Just be aware that many people visit on October weekends, so don’t delay when making your reservation… Click here to get started!

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