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Celebrate Johnny Appleseed Day at Apple Hill Growers

Apple Hill Growers Invite Families to Celebrate Johnny Appleseed

Special events and activities honor the legendary apple farmer

Johnny Appleseed began planting apple trees in Pennsylvania in the late 1700s and, as legend has it, he walked across the nation, planting as he went. In honor of the fabled farmer and outdoorsman, the Apple Hill Growers are hosting a day of fun, family activities on Sunday, September 19.  For a printable map and flyer, CLICK HERE

“The Apple Hill Growers might not be here without Johnny Appleseed,” said Chris Delfino of Delfino Farms and President of the Apple Hill Growers Association. “Johnny Appleseed Day is a great way to teach kids (and adults!) about agriculture and nurture a love of farm fresh produce.”

On September 19, families can enjoy a variety of activities and treats at a dozen Apple Hill Growers farms:

For more information on what’s in season and maps of the area, follow @applehillofficial on Facebook and Instagram for up-to-the-minute information.

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