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Getting to the Core: Meet the Growers at Grandpa’s Cellar

grandpa's cellar

2020 was a strange year to start a new business, but Jericho and Becka Kelsey are about to reach their first anniversary as owners of Grandpa’s Cellar. The bake shop has been part of Apple Hill since 1978, crafting delicious pies and baked goods with the fruit from their 100-year-old orchard. Jericho and Becka moved to El Dorado County from Southern California last year and are excited to be part of the new season as part of the Apple Hill Growers Association.

Grandpa’s Cellar is known for their pies (the caramel apple is a fan favorite, but the strawberry rhubarb apple pie is a delicious too!) and there is no shortage of options. Not only is there a variety of fruit pies on the menu, but also no-sugar-added and gluten-free items.

During the off-season, the Kelseys have been working on expanding the gluten-free menu – something they weren’t sure they were going to continue until they saw the response from customers.

“When we started meeting our customers who were gluten free and saw their faces light up knowing we had bakery items that they can enjoy made us want to keep going with gluten free and expand on it,” said Becka. “We never realized how hard it was for people to go out and find something they can eat so we started making dairy free and gluten free crisps and a gluten-free apple pie.”

The bakers are busy with the new menu, but the team is also working on a variety of coffees that will be sold in the bakery and gift shop. The gift shop has undergone a renovation as well, with new inventory and an expansion of their homemade jams, jellies, sauces, syrups and pancake mixes.

Jericho says the Apple Hill Growers are like a family, “a group of hard-working farmers that rely on each other. It’s a community we are so happy to be a part of.”

Grandpa’s Cellar will open for the season on August 28th from 9:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., Thursday through Sunday. Visitors can relax and enjoy a picnic under the old apple trees surrounded by towering Ponderosa Pine, Red Wood, and Cedar Trees. The property is also dog friendly.

Jericho and Becka Kelsey

Insider tip: You must try the apple dumplings! They’re served warm and can be topped with ice cream and their warm apple cinnamon sauce. 

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