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November- Best Kept Secret!

apple hill sign fall

Many locals know, November may be the best kept secret for an amazing visit to our Apple Hill Grower Farms. A great time to stock up on holiday pies and enjoy all the fall has to offer… including amazing fall colors, especially the first two weeks of November.  You’ll see the many reds, oranges and gold in our hillsides. Crowds are thinner and crisp days beg for a hot apple cider or a warm donut.

Bake Shop in the fall
fall leaves in apple hill
fall colors at a pond

Don’t Forget the Pie!

Apple, pumpkin pie and more. Don’t forget to pick up a frozen pie or order fresh from our bake shops for Thanksgiving and the holidays. Nothing shows love more than a Apple Hill pie!

Rainbow Orchards
Rainbow Orchards
Delfino Farms
Delfino Farms

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