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Spotlight on Bodhaine’s at Drew Bean Farms

Get to Know Bodhaine’s at Drew Bean Farms!

The name Bodhaine’s comes from a man named Auggie Bodhaine who purchased the farm back in the 1980s. Known for their baking skills, the Bodhaines created a name for themselves with the taste and quality of their pies. While they have since moved on, the legacy of the pies has carried on and today, the farm endures a new name and new ownership – Bodhaine’s at Drew Bean Farms.

Nina (aka Bean) and Drew saw the property, and though it was a diamond in the rough, they could see the potential and had a vision of a lively spot for visitors to come, have a great meal and great conversation. They bought the farm in 2020 and started to turn that dream into a reality.

Renovation of the bake shop and rejuvenation the orchard and vineyard started in the spring of 2021. The renovation wasn’t without challenges. From supply chain issues to the fires, the original opening date was set to be Early September 2021 . That date came and went, but nonetheless the new and improved Bodhaine’s at Drew Bean Farms opened for their first Half Season on October 8, 2021.

They opened with a new elevated food menu, the traditional pies passed on from the Bodhaine’s, A Crème Brulee French Toast (known to make a few mouths water), and in addition, they added a Cookie/dessert line from Kane’s Cookie Jar (Nina’s sister’s cookie business) and beer, wine and hard cider. Overall, just a one stop shop to get a Meal on The Hill, grab a drink and get your pies/desserts for the holidays.

Heading into fall 2022, they’re adding items to the lunch menu that will change with the weather. Items like Lebanese Meatballs with Tzatziki, Hot Pastrami Sandwiches, Beans Summer Chicken Salad and Papa’s Tuna Sandwich are a few of the delicious options.

Nina and Drew want people to come, eat, enjoy the property, and stay a while. They’re also looking toward the future with some fun and innovative ideas…including the addition of a camping pad with Harvest Host to stay on the farm and enjoy the full Apple Hill Experience.

They are currently booking for October and November: FRIENDSGIVING PARTIES

DM them or call them to inquire.

In addition to this, there are a few Wedding Receptions and special events on the books this season as well.

“Our ‘big picture’ plans include building a barn to host fun events like lobster boils and small concerts. We have ten acres of apple orchard and five acres of vineyard so weddings and dinners in the vines are part of that plan,” Nina said. “We are even now having Friday Night Happy Hour from 4p to 8p to create a great place for the community to come together for a good meal, great company and a drink.”

“To us, many of our customers are like family. And just like a great family gathering, the more the merrier! So come and be a part of our FARM-ily at Drew Bean Farms”

Bodhaine’s at Drew Bean Farms is open:

Thursday: 10a to 5p (starting October 6)

Friday: 4p to 8 p

Saturday & Sunday: 10a to 5p

CLICK HERE for website

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