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Blossoms Are Here!

apple blossom season is here

Blossom season is here! Take a drive near any of our Apple Hill Grower farms and you’ll see our orchards coming to life! Bees are buzzing and the pops of white and pink dot the hillsides. 

Currently apple blossoms are in full bloom or just past peak on lower hill along Carson Rd. from Schnell School Rd through High Hill location and lower end of North Canyon. You’ll find full bloom on the upper hill from Barkley Rd., Larsen Loop, Cable Rd. and upper end of North Canyon.

Pear blossoms are also in full bloom currently on Barkley Rd. and Larsen loop.

The early apples (i.e., prime red) went from tight buds to bloom very quickly with the recent warm weather. 

Remember: Different varieties will bloom at different times. Bloom should continue at least through this weekend and into next week. 

apple blossoms at dawn
bee on an apple blossom
dog walking in the apple trees

Come visit! Here’s who is open now:

Here’s a list of Apple Hill Growers Open Year-Round

Also open now weekends: 24 Carrot Farm, Smokey Ridge Farm

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