Farm #100 … Located at 3010 Snows Rd., Camino (Snows Rd. at Fiji Ct.), Rainbow’s Camino Ridge hosts a natural setting and panoramic foothill views.  Part of the Rainbow Orchards farm family, Camino Ridge offers both You Pick and We Pick berries.  Varieties include Duke, Chandler, Legacy, Liberty, Blue Crop, Ozark Blue, Elliot, Titan, Toro.  Rainbow Camino Ridge berries are also available at Farmers Markets in the Bay Area and Soth Lake Tahoe area.  Check Rainbow Orchards facebook, rainboworchards.net, email [email protected] or call 530-644-1594 for dates and availabilty of berries.

Season: Mid June – Mid July.
Hours: Sat-Sun, 7:30am-1:30pm. Call or check Rainbow Orchards facebook, rainboworchards.net, or email [email protected] for dates & availability of berries.

Contact Info

3010 Snows Road
Camino, CA 95709
(Snows Rd at Fuji Ct, South of Camino School)

(530) 644-1594

[email protected]

Things To Do

  • You-Pick or We-Pick Blueberries
  • Fun Kid Activity
  • Scenic Views