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Larsen Apple Barn & Bakeshop

Come and visit the longest family owned Apple Hill Growers farm. You’ll find over 20 varieties of apples along with pears, grapes, dried fruits, juices and more. Our bakery is full of treats! Specialty pies, turnovers, dumplings and much more. Daily lunches available from our deli. Visit the family Museum and Park for a special adventure. Park available to rent.


Sept 3 through Dec 17 (Closed Saturdays)


Sun – Fri, 9-4 Bakeshop/Apple Barn, 10-4 Museum (Entire Farm Closed Saturdays)


2461 Larsen Drive
Camino CA 95709

(530) 644-1415 (Barn)

(530) 644-8166 (Bakeshop)

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