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The best part of tasting in Apple Hill may not even be the beauty of our vineyards in rolling hills and pines, it may be that you have so many opportunities to talk with our winemakers and take away some serious knowledge. Apple Hill Grower wineries offer many events during the year where you can chat with the winemakers or the winery families and get to know what they do, and why they love it!  All of our wineries continue to be run by the original families/owners

Madrona Vineyards

Take a blending class with Paul Bush and you’ll see his winemaking passion runs deep. Paul’s parents, Dick and Leslie Bush founded Madrona Vineyards in 1973. But Paul’s knowledge extends far beyond Apple Hill vineyards. He has lived in France for months with his family to study wine and has made trips to the Bordeaux region to continue his wine education. The signature wine Quintet (5 varietals make this Bordeaux blend) is the focus of an educational class hosted by Paul this weekend. It’s a hands-on experience, graduated cylinders plus pipettes and all, that will expand your wine knowledge and impress your friends. Tickets still available for Saturday’s 11am class.

Madrona Quintet blending session
Madrona Quintet blending session
Madrona Vineyards Quintet Bordeaux blend
Madrona Vineyards Quintet Bordeaux blend

Paul’s take on the Quintet…

“Having just returned from a trip through Bordeaux, it’s amazing how much one can learn by being there and by doing. I now have tasted the difference between Left Bank and Right Bank wines and why Merlot-based wines grow one place and Cab Sauv-based wines grow in another. It’s one thing to taste a Bordeaux wine in a restaurant in San Francisco, but it’s a completely different thing to experience the wine in Bordeaux, looking at the trellising system on the vines, smelling the soil, and talking to the winemakers who imagined the wine in the first place.

Now you’re starting to get a sense of what the Quintet tasting here at Madroña is all about. This is an education, an experience, and an opportunity. It’s kind of like learning about science at the Exploratorium in San Francisco by pushing buttons and pulling levers. It’s not reading it out of a book or having someone lecture it to you (like in some tasting rooms!!!).” Intrigued!? …. Learn more Quintet class and tickets in his blog.


More Events this Weekend

Enjoy the arrival of spring and appreciating good friends! Lava Cap Winery is hosting their ‘Spring Fling’ Saturday, March 16. Find more info here. Boeger Winery is thanking their customers St. Patrick’s Day, March 17 with their Customer Appreciation Day, complimentary tastings and light food. More info here.

Spring Fling Lava Cap
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