Harvesting winter crops in the rain, hail and snow… “It’s been great!” says Ben Hanson, farmer and owner of 24 Carrot Farm. No, really he says that…with a smile as hail came down. Show must go on for the Apple Hill farms dealing with this unusually cold and snowy February. 

24 Carrot Farm

A visit to 24 Carrot Farm during spurts of hail then snow, Ben and farm stand manager Alison were busy at work harvesting green onions for their Winter CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) box. Nothing is slowing them down from harvesting Apple Hill organic winter produce. A reminder that Spring is just around the corner, starters are growing in the hoop house allowing the tender plants to survive the cold. All preparations are in order for the farm stand to open April 20! 

24 Carrot Farm

24 Carrot Farm– Winter CSA box produce

                      Hail then snow during this grey harvest day

24 Carrot Farm Spring starters safe from the cold

Patrick’s Berry Farm and Garden

Brian Hoover, of Patrick’s Berry Farm and Garden says this winter has been “one heck of a ride!” They just finished up the last of the broccoli when some of the deepest snow arrived. Brian is still managing four farmer’s markets a week, mainly in Sacramento and Davis. Worried about the delicious juicy summer berries in all this snow? Don’t be. Brian said effect of the wintry weather will be miniscule. But he says he will need things to dry out by mid-April for first potato plantings. 

Flying V Farms

One of the newest members of the Apple Hill Growers family, Flying V Farm , is also battling the elements. Taking advantage of any dry breaks to get in some pruning to their delicious apple trees.  Lush green cover crops are sure loving in all the wet weather! We are so excited to enjoy organic Apple Hill produce from the farm stand this fall!

Flying V Farm- Pruning organic Fuji apple trees

Flying V Farm- winter cover crop

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