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Bluestone Meadow

Spotlight on Bluestone Meadow

Spotlight on Bluestone Meadow It’s right there in the name; the Apple Hill Growers are probably best known for their mouthwatering apples. However, there’s more to the area farms than that signature crop. In fact,…
flowers in bloom at apple hill

Celebrate Mother’s Day with Apple Hill Growers

Apple Hill Growers Celebrate Mom Next Weekend Moms are always working overtime, juggling work, children’s school, household management and more. The Apple Hill Growers are making it easy to celebrate your mom with a taste…

ENJOY SPRING @ Ponderosa Ridge Bed & Breakfast

Enjoy Spring at the Ponderosa Ridge Bed & Breakfast While we wait patiently for the apple trees to produce their apples you can still take in the beauty that is Apple Hill. Ponderosa Ridge is…
baking hot blueberry pies


Bring Apple Hill Home for the Holidays Cross everything off your shopping list with our baked goods, Christmas Trees, wine and more! Camino, CA (December 1, 2021) – The apple harvest may be over but…
baking pies

Holiday Do’s & Don’ts from Apple Hill Growers

Picture golden vineyards, crimson and orange orchards, fresh pies, wine tasting, crisp weather and the perfect backdrops for autumn photos. Apple season may be winding down, but there are still plenty of reasons to visit…

Get to Know Rainbow Orchards

Spotlight on Rainbow Orchard It’s a tradition for families all over Northern California – when season begins, head to Rainbow Orchards for their legendary donuts. Most people might not know the history of those treats.…
Edio Vineyards

Get to Know Delfino Farms and Edio Vineyards

Winegrape growers have been a part of the Apple Hill Growers Association since the 1960s and the first commercial winery, Boeger Winery, started in 1972. Today, there are nine tasting rooms, each providing a unique…

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