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Apple Hill Olive Oil Wins International Award

Collina di Mela

Collina di Mela Wins Silver Medal at International Olive Oil Competition! This 100% Apple Hill grown olive oil shares honor with top olive oils from around the world. Collina di Mela’s 2019 harvest extra virgin olive oil was named a silver medalist at the 2020 Los Angeles International Extra Virgin Olive Oil Competition. The competition, which is in its 21 st year, is one of the top-ranking olive oil competitions in the United States. This year, the competition received 600 extra virgin olive oils from 300 producers from Algeria, Argentina, Australia, Chile, China, France, Greece, Italy, Japan, Lebanon, Morocco, Portugal, South Africa, Spain,
Tunisia, Turkey and the United States.

“Collina di Mela has won several medals at the Los Angeles event and other competitions since its introduction in 2010 and we’re happy to be in such good company with other producers from around the world,” said Ron Sbragia, owner of Collina di Mela.

Collina di Mela olive oil is 100% estate grown on the property in Placerville and is harvested by hand using nets and handheld harvesting equipment to prevent bruising. Their olives are grown using organic methods and California organic certification is in progress. The family’s orchard of roughly 300 trees is composed of Tuscan varieties, known for buttery fruit with a peppery finish. The olive oil has certified extra virgin status from the California Olive Oil Council, the leading association of olive growers and oil
producers in America.

“We are proud of Ron and his tireless work to create such a quality product that represents the high standards of the Apple Hill Growers Association,” said Chris Delfino of Delfino Farms and President of the Apple Hill Growers Association. “Although we’re known for our apples, the region produces some of the best fruits, vegetables and wine in Northern California and Collina di Mela is a shining example of that.”

collina di mela olive oil

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