Sometimes it’s the little things that make your visit special.  Check out this compilation of unique things to do while you’re enjoying Apple Hill.

Think Outside The Apple Box

1. Pick an apple from a tree
2. Savor a piece of fresh apple pie
3. Sip an ice-cold apple cider
4. Pick the perfect pumpkin
5. See the farmers’ animals
6. Take an unforgettable Christmas photo
7. Choose a perfect Christmas tree
8. Taste award-winning El Dorado wine
9. Try hard cider
10. Pick fresh blueberries from the bush
11. Find the most amazingly tasting great peaches
12. Gasp at the views
13. Give your sweetheart an engagement ring
14. Buy a loved one a gift
15. Enjoy an apple cider donut
16. Get a relaxing massage
17. Have an unforgettable picnic
18. Find a great variety of gourds
19. Treat a child to a pony ride
20. Create a Family outing tradition
21. Enjoy the fall colors on the trees.
22. See hundreds of thousands of apple blossoms
23. Run or walk the annual harvest run
24. Try every apple variety (we recommend several trips for this one)
25. Taste-test pears
26. Make a friend
27. Ask the friend who makes their favorite pie
28. Watch the car clubs drive down the road
29. Take a walk in an orchard.
30. Measure your child against a tree and take a photo every year.
31. Find a new winter gourd to cook
32. Start a leaf collection
33. Try 3 kinds of fudge that are new to you
34. Buy a cookbook and fresh apples and make a pie at home
35. Listen to live music
36. Visit the wineries when they are having barrel sampling
37. Relax on a hay bale
38. Compare the aromas of fresh apples, peaches and pears
39. Eat some barbecue AND a corndog
40. Throw a snowball
41. Taste a fruit beer
42. Find a tractor like your grandfather used to drive
43. Find the newest, coolest tractor you have ever seen
44. Kiss under the blossoms of a cherry tree
45. Play a game of bocce
46. Watch the Canada geese
47. Spit a cherry pit (not AT anyone!)
48. Find out how an apple corer/peeler works
49. Get your toenails painted
50. Have an amazing and awesome day!!!

Experience APPLE HILL