Farm #30 (Wholesale ONLY; Not Open to the Public)… We began life as a family-run apple stand over 40 years ago. One day, our friends at Raley’s asked if we could make fresh apple cider for their stores. No problem! So we borrowed a neighbor’s cider press and put the kids to work … topping off bottles by hand and delivering ice-covered juice on the back of a rickety old flatbed. My how things have changed! Today, our kids help craft our extraordinary ciders, juices, lemonades, and blends right here on our Apple Hill℠ farm for folks all across the country.


Wholesale ONLY; Not Open to the Public

Contact Info

2239 Hidden Valley Lane
Camino, CA 95709

(530) 622-4629

Things To Do

Sorry, we are closed to the public.  Look for our juices at North Canyon Cider and other ranches in Apple Hill.

Barsotti Juice Company