Apple Hill Growers are OPEN NOW for the season!  This year’s crop is GOOD –  and ripening dates are on track for most farms. CLICK HERE to find your favorite apples & when they may be ready!

     YOU PICK NEWS!  This year we have fewer farms offering you-pick apples, and some of those had a smaller you-pick crop this year. Not all apple farms offer the you-pick experience.  These ranches DO have you-pick: Goyette’s North Canyon Ranch (granny smith apples & pumpkins, Sat-Sun only), Sloan Winters Mtn Orchard (pears & veggies, Fri-Sun), Argyres Orchard (a few apples and concord grapes – Sat-Sun until all picked!).  But please check with these ranches for location & details and be to be SURE they actually have items still available to pick!  If you miss the you-pick boat, the Apple Hill ranches all have plenty of already picked apples!

For nearly five decades, the Apple Hill Bake Shops have been offering fresh fruit desserts!  apple pie smallThere’s nothing like the flavor of desserts made from freshly picked fruit.  Whether you’re looking for freshly baked desserts, caramel apples, donuts, fritters, frozen pies and more, you’ll find a wide variety at the Apple Hill Bake Shops – CLICK HERE for Shops!

Frequently Asked Questions and our PLAN YOUR TRIP section may be helpful as you plan your visit.  Most importantly, ENJOY your time at the Apple Hill Farms!