By Chris Delfino, Delfino Farms, President of the Apple Hill Growers Association.

I was raised with six siblings on a farm where we learned from our parents, Edio and Joan Delfino, that the value of hard work and a deep love of the land has a positive impact on the world.  Like most farmers of the many generations before them, they wanted to ensure family farming would continue for generations yet to come.  To help achieve this end, my parents were instrumental in the creation of the Apple Hill℠ Growers Association in 1964.

Representing over fifty local, family farms, the Apple Hill Growers Association is dedicated to preserving family farming as a way of life and protecting the land for the future through its support of agriculture in our community.  Since its inception with sixteen apple farms, AHGA has now grown to include various unique fruit & vegetable farms, wineries, B&Bs, flower gardens, Christmas tree farms, and even a day spa.  Each association member is unique in what they provide, but they all embrace and adhere to the core values underpinning the Association. 

These days, with ever-increasing interest in high quality, locally grown food, we relish the opportunity to provide our visitors a firsthand view of California agriculture from planting to delicious finished product. 

 The Apple Hill Growers Association is a 501(c)5 non-profit, and as such we are honored to partner with Whole Foods Market. On April 18th, 5% of sales from the Sacramento, Roseville, and Folsom stores will go to the AHGA to help us preserve the family farm and educate younger generations about agriculture, in part through our support of programs such as Ag in the Classroom and  Directions Farm

Below is my dad, Edio Delfino with his seven children in the apple orchard. Great memories! We now have two more generations helping on the farm. My granddaughter already loves sitting on the tractor.



Harris Tree Farm– Learning Agriculture (Photo Courtesy 4 Directions Farm)

Rainbow Orchards- School Tours

Delfino Farms- Second and third Generation working on the farm

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